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Your Personalized Online Home Binder

If one of our licensed inspectors performs an inspection on your home, you receive a lifetime subscription to HomeBinder ($300+ value). Below we’ll cover what’s included with your online home binder and the many benefits of having a account.

What is HomeBinder?

Your account gives you access to copies of all your reports, inspection photos, educational videos which are site-specific to each home, and more! also helps you manage and stay on top of all things related to your home!

Already Personalized with Your Information

You will get a personalized link via email from HomeBinder within 1 business day after your home inspection. Information, such as inspection reports, inspection photos & videos as well as additional resources and maintenance reminders, will already have been uploaded to your binder. All of your information is safe, private, and only accessible to you.

How HomeBinder Helps You

  • Schedule Maintenance Reminders

    We already set up 10 maintenance reminders for you, but you have the ability to add additional reminders as well. Stay on top of your home’s recurring maintenance needs like replacing air filters and servicing HVAC equipment.

  • Store Contractor Information

    Always remember the handymen who work on your home so you know who to call for repairs.

  • Organize Home Projects

    Store photos, paint colors, and project costs for easy repairs and tax deductions at the time of sale.

  • Start a Home Inventory

    Be prepared for a fire or theft with an easy to update repository that makes insurance and tax claims and breeze.

  • Utilize Your Electronic File Cabinet

    Upload important paperwork, reports and receipts to the cloud for safekeeping and easy access.

Enjoy Your Home More, With Less Work

  • Gain peace of mind

    Let HomeBinder reduce the stress and headaches of remembering every home related issue and time frame.

  • Enjoy tailored support

    After we inspect your house, we’re able to populate your binder with recommended home pros and other specific resources to help you best manage it.

  • Prevent costly repairs

    Easily keep up with regular home maintenance, to avoid unexpected issues; spend a little time and money today to save $1000s later.

  • Available on any device

    Have immediate, 24-7, access to all the information on your new home. Rest easy knowing your info is safely stored.


Additional Resources

In addition to Your HomeBinder Account, we provide you with companies for locksmith services, moving services, and more that we’ve put our stamp of approval on and that offer our inspection customers special offers.

Here are a few other resources The Home Inspectors provide with our home inspections!

The REKEY Special from MR REKEY LOCKSMITH, America’s Largest Residential Locksmith

For 1 Low, Flat Price You Receive: Service Call, Free Smoke Alarm Check (w/ Real Smoke), Rekey of 6 Locks, 4 Key Copies, Strengthening of Deadbolts and Documentation.

AB Moving & Storage – Texas Moving and Relocation Professionals

AB Moving is a Texas proud and family owned company providing quality moving services for over 20 years with offices in four key metro areas: Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. Low Cost, Flat Rate or Hourly Pricing and Same Day Moves! Offering $25 Off Any Move!


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