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When the Repairs are Made, What’s Next?

If you have repairs being negotiated and performed after a home inspection, it’s important to request the proper paperwork and verify that repairs were completed and in a satisfactory manner. In this blog post, we cover why it’s important to request receipts and warranties after repairs and if a re-inspection is needed after the repairs.

Request Receipts

Requesting receipts gives you validation that the job was completed and helps provide protection for you in the long run. At minimum, it is a good idea to obtain any receipts for repairs should the need arise to speak to any of the repair persons in the future. These receipts will also be proof that any deficiencies noted in the inspection report were addressed.

Understand Your Home’s Warranty

Any items that would be covered under a home warranty need to be repaired in that repair amendment. Receipts of repairs will also be crucial should a claim ever be filed with a home warranty provider. Without receipts they may view the claim as a “known” pre-existing condition, which is not typically covered within a home warranty, and could deny the claim. A home warranty is a service contract that provides financial protection from unforeseen or unexpected repair or replacement costs of essential home components or appliances due to normal wear and tear but does not cover “known” pre-existing conditions. Having a home warranty in place can significantly reduce your risk of facing unexpected repair costs and will help provide added peace of mind.

Re-inspections Never Hurt

It is not uncommon for a re-inspection but almost never necessary if the proper paperwork and procedures were in place. If the repairs completed are judged by both the Buyer and Seller as satisfactory, then there may be no need for a re-inspection. However, if you do not receive the proper receipts and warranties after a repair, then it may be in your best interest to request a second look. While there is no requirement for inspectors to provide services to verify that any negotiated repairs were completed, most inspectors do offer re-inspection services to make these verifications for a fee.

We hope this blog post has provided insight on what to do once repairs have been made. For more information contact an expert today at The Home Inspectors!


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