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What to Look For When Buying a Home

Looking to purchase a new home is an exciting time and a large investment. Take time to think through the various signs to look for when purchasing a home, and connect with an expert that can help you discover what the current condition of your future home really is. Read through as we’ve highlighted 4 important things to consider when buying a home!



One of the most important pieces to consider when purchasing a home is if it is within your budget. It’s easy to get carried away in all the excitement a new home can bring, but if it’s not within your budget it’s smart to rethink your strategy before you get too invested. Consider not only the initial down payment and ongoing mortgage payments, but the potential for future repairs. Establish your budget first and then begin your search for the perfect new home to avoid roadblocks along the way. If you think you’ve found your future home but are unsure of its current condition, connect with a professional Home Inspector today!



When buying a home it’s vital to do a thorough inspection to make note of the current condition of the home’s foundation.  There are various warning signs of adverse performance of a foundation you should be aware of prior to locking down your future home. Look for doors and windows that don’t properly latch as well as cracks in the floor, walls, and ceiling. Many discovered cracks might seem minor but can lead to much more damaging consequences if not handled properly.



What many don’t realize is that musty odors within a home can indicate a much larger underlying problem. Many times that musty odor means there is water damage in the house that you may not see. Look for visible water lines in the home’s walls and ceiling as well as discoloration. Texture changes in the floors such as warping, buckling, sagging/sinking, and expanding will expose the probability of water damage within a home. Talk with a professional today to catch early signs of water damage!



Look for a home that shows proper maintenance from the previous tenants / owners. Signs of proper maintenance can be up-to-date air filters, tight faucets and shower heads, trimmed trees/branches in the yard, regular checks on the central heating and cooling system, as well as other small details that are often ignored. Purchasing from an owner that has properly cared for the home minimizes your risk in investing and positions you well for the future.

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