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What Disclosures are Required When Selling a Home in Texas?

Selling your home can be an intimidating process to start. There are many steps in the process of selling your property and knowing what your state requires you to disclose on your home is critical.


Texas Law on Property Disclosures

Texas law requires sellers of single-family homes to provide a Seller’s Disclosure Notice to the buyer. Seller’s Disclosure Notice forms are available through either the Texas Real Estate Commission or the Texas Association of Realtors.


What is the Seller’s Disclosure Notice?

The notice provides sellers a place to document and share their knowledge of the property at the time they complete and sign the disclosure. As the seller it is important to ensure that you are disclosing everything known about the property. A disclosure notice that details known conditions and defects can help provide a more complete picture of a property.


What’s in the Notice?

The Seller’s Disclosure Notice covers a wide range of topics. It asks sellers to list the appliances and systems in the property, any current defects or items known to be in need of repair, past inspection reports, and other conditions of the property.
It also asks the seller if they are aware of any conditions in the property such as aluminum wiring, asbestos, lead based paint, settling, foundation repairs, etc. as well as information regarding any structural modifications, violations of deed restrictions, pending lawsuits affecting the property, whether any claims for property damage have been made and more.

Need help understanding the seller’s disclosure or other aspects of a real estate transaction? Talk to your Realtor.


What Does The Home Inspectors Provide for Sellers?

Home inspections aren’t just for home buyers. If you are preparing to sell your home, it’s wise to order a pre-sale home inspection. One of our licensed home inspectors will walk through six key areas in the inspection that encompass multiple aspects of the home including: Structural Systems; Electrical systems; Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems; Plumbing Systems; Appliances; Optional Systems. Reports are presented and e-mailed on-site with color photos and easy to understand findings. Every home inspection customer receives a lifetime subscription to HomeBinder ($300+ value). Your personal account will include your inspection reports (Summary Report, Inspection Report, Wood Destroying Insect Report), inspection photos, educational videos that cover how to turn off the main water, water heater and gas supplies and how to change your air filter, as well as additional resources uploaded to your online binder.

Getting your home inspected doesn’t have to be frightening and will give YOU more control over the selling process.

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