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What are the Responsibilities of the Client After the Inspection?

If the inspection report identifies deficiencies, it does not mean that any party is obligated to make repairs or take other actions. However, if further evaluations are recommended, it is the responsibility of the client to obtain them from qualified service professionals. These evaluations should take place before any contractual time limitations, such as option periods, expire.

It may seem contradictory to emphasize that there’s no obligation to make repairs or take action, but also state that the client has a responsibility to act. However, the first statement simply means that there’s no legal requirement to take any specific action based on the inspection findings.

The second statement highlights that buyers must take responsibility for deciding whether to take necessary action during the Option Period. This is important for them to know as it can affect their ability to negotiate with the seller for repairs or other actions if they wait too long.

NOTE: Evaluations by service professionals may reveal more deficiencies, which can result in additional costs. If these issues are addressed during the Option Period, there’s a chance that repair costs can be negotiated between the parties. Ignoring items in the inspection report can lead to more damage and costs that were not negotiated and will need to be addressed in the future. Any repairs made after the date of inspection may render information contained in the report obsolete or invalid.


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