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What are the Responsibilities of the Client After the Inspection?

While items identified as Deficient (D) in an inspection report DO NOT obligate any party to make repairs or take other actions, in the event that any further evaluations are needed, it is the responsibility of the client to obtain further evaluations and/or cost estimates from qualified service professionals regarding any items reported as Deficient (D). It is recommended that any further evaluations and/or cost estimates take place prior to the expiration of any contractual time limitations, such as option periods.

Please Note: Evaluations performed by service professionals in response to items reported as Deficient (D) on the report may lead to the discovery of additional deficiencies that were not present, visible, or accessible at the time of the inspection. Any repairs made after the date of the inspection may render information contained in this report obsolete or invalid.

So far on our blog, we have discussed the purpose of the inspection as well as the responsibilities of the inspector and now we will be discussing the section of the report which relates to the responsibilities of the client as determined by the TREC.

I must admit, it seems somewhat confusing that there is an emphasis on saying that there is no obligation to make repairs or take other action and then follow that up with saying the client has a responsibility to act and the failure to do so can have consequences. However, while the former is relaying that while there is no requirement to take any type of action, the latter spells out that it is the client’s responsibility to do so if they desire and it should be done while still in the Option Period.

The important thing here is that evaluations by specialists can turn up additional deficiencies with the systems or components of the home which may involve even more costs. If these items are addressed during the Option Period, there is at least the opportunity that the cost of repairs can be negotiated between the parties. However, if items in the report are ignored, it may result in additional damage and costs that will not have been negotiated and will need to be addressed in the future.


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