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Understanding What Your Inspection Report Includes

If one of our licensed inspectors performs an inspection on your home, your report is presented and emailed on-site and you also receive a subscription to Your personal HomeBinder account will include your inspection reports (Summary Report, Inspection Report, Wood Destroying Insect Report), inspection photos, educational videos that cover how to turn off the main water, water heater and gas supplies and how to change your air filter, as well as additional resources uploaded to your online binder.



Let’s dive into what’s included in your inspection report and your account.



We know you have a lot of inspection companies to choose from and we’re grateful you chose us! The first page of your inspection binder explains what you’re about to learn about your potential home, and our thanks for choosing The Home Inspectors!


Our inspection report is compiled with you in mind. The report is easy to understand, simple to digest, and includes reference images of your actual home. It’s important to note that an inspection is a snapshot of your home’s current condition. Our inspectors, as wonderful as they are, can’t see into the future. They will use their expertise to lead you to a wise decision based on what they know about your current home.

  • SUMMARY |  The Inspection reports start with a summary of your home. We highlight the most important notes we’ve taken about your home and lay out a simple summary so all the information is present upfront. We don’t want you to dig for information, that’s why you hired us!
  • REPORT |  As you dive into the report you will recognize the different sections of your home and notes from The Home Inspectors about anything we believe you need to know. In many areas we may recommend you get an expert in that particular field to take a second look at your home. This may pertain to your AC unit, Electricity, etc.



The Inspection Agreement section reviews the scope of your inspection as well as general exclusions from your inspection. These exclusions look like moving personal property, destructive measures, etc.


One of the greatest free resources to take advantage of is your online Home Binder. Your account gives you access to copies of all your reports, inspection photos, educational videos which are site-specific to each home, and more! also allows you to stay on top of all things related to your home, including:

  • Scheduled Home Maintenance Reminders so you never forget a task. Schedule additional reminders as you see fit to suit your needs.
  • Store Contractor Information to always remember the contractors who work on your home so you know who to call for repairs
  • Organize Home Projects by storing photos, paint colors, and project costs for easy repairs and tax deductions at the time of sale. 
  • Have a Home Inventory to be prepared for a fire or theft with an easy to update repository that makes insurance and tax claims a breeze. 
  • Online Electronic File Cabinet – You can upload paperwork and receipts to the cloud for safekeeping and easy access.

Access HomeBinder on any device for immediate, 24-7 access to all the information on your home. 


In addition to Your HomeBinder Account, we provide you with companies for utilities, security systems, locksmith services, and moving services that we’ve put our stamp of approval on and that offer our inspection customers special offers. Try them for yourself if you’re needing any additional services!


Your Home Inspection is personalized to you and for you. We understand the process of buying/selling a home can be overwhelming. We’re here to help! Your inspector will walk you through your inspection report after your completed home inspection. If you have any additional questions, let your inspector know and they will be happy to explain in further detail!


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