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Tips to Prevent Inspection Delays

Once the Purchase Contract is executed, the clock on the Option Period starts ticking. Utilizing this limited time frame to perform the inspection and negotiate any requested repairs in a timely manner requires the efforts of the Seller, Listing Agent, Buyer, Buyer’s Agent, and Inspector alike. Having the property ready for inspection can prevent unnecessary delays and added expense.

Confirmation of the following items will aid in facilitating a smooth inspection process for all parties concerned:

  • All utilities are on (electric, water, gas)
  • All pilot lights are lit
  • All locks are removed or unlocked from areas that may prohibit inspector accessibility such as attics, doors, padlocks on gates, etc.
  • Attic access is clear. If attic access is in the garage, be sure there are no cars, shelving units, moving boxes, storage crates blocking the access. If attic access is in a hallway or closet, make sure there are no light fixtures or furniture blocking the access panel or pull-down ladder.
  • Crawl space (if applicable) access is clear
  • Electrical panels are accessible and not locked
  • Water heater is accessible
  • HVAC System is accessible
  • Built-in kitchen appliances are accessible and ready to operate
  • Pools and Spas filled completely
  • Pets are removed or secured

Note: For liability reasons, inspectors do not move personal property. Inspectors may charge an additional fee if they return to the property to inspect items that were not accessible or if the utilities were off.

“ACCESS, INSPECTIONS AND UTILITIES: Seller shall permit Buyer and Buyer’s agents access to the Property at reasonable times. Buyer may have the Property inspected by inspectors selected by Buyer and licensed by TREC or otherwise permitted by law to make inspections. Seller at Seller’s expense shall immediately cause existing utilities to be turned on and shall keep the utilities on during the time this contract is in effect.” (Excerpt from Paragraph 7A of the TREC One to Four Family Residential Contract No. 20-11) 
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