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Tips To Prevent Inspection Delays

21 September, 2016
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/ By The Home Inspectors

1. Prevent Delays_2Once the Purchase Contract is executed, the clock on the Option Period starts ticking. Utilizing this limited time frame to perform the inspection and negotiate any requested repairs in a timely manner requires the efforts of the Seller, Listing Agent, Buyer, Buyer’s Agent, and Inspector alike. Having the property ready for inspection can prevent unnecessary delays and added expense.

Here a few of the things that should be confirmed:

  • All utilities are on (electric, water, gas)
  • All locks are removed or unlocked from areas that may prohibit inspector accessibility such as attics, padlocks on gates, etc.
  • The following items are unobstructed and accessible: Attic/Crawlspace access; Electrical Panels; Cooling/Heating System components; Water Heaters; Built-In Kitchen Appliances; Under Sink areas; Fireplaces.
  • Pets are secure – take measures to kennel, cage, or otherwise remove pets that cannot be let out, that may harm the inspector or others present at the inspection, or that may be harmed by the inspection.

To view the entire list, please visit: Tips To Preventing Inspection Delays

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