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Importance of Home Maintenance Inspections

Most people only think about getting a home inspection when they’re in the process of buying a home. Here are some important reasons why you should consider doing regular Home Maintenance Inspections after you’ve purchased a home.

Prevent Small Issues from Becoming Major Issues

Plumbing leaks, termites, roofing issues…these problems can become costly if they go unchecked for a long time. A regular home maintenance inspection can help you identify any signs of issues and catch them early before they become major problems, giving you peace of mind.

Save Money

You may be thinking, “How am I going to save money if I’m spending money on a home maintenance inspection?” Yes, you’re spending money on an inspection but it’s nominal compared to how much money you’ll potentially save down the line in future repairs because you didn’t let issues become major problems.

Keep Your Home in Proper Condition

Routine maintenance is essential to preserving a properly functioning home much like having annual medical and dental exams or regularly changing the oil in your car. You want to stay on top of your home’s systems so you know when it’s time to perform maintenance, replace items, and to ensure your systems are running efficiently and in safe condition.

Unbiased Recommendations

A licensed home inspector is an unbiased third party. Home Inspectors aren’t trying to sell you anything and won’t be making money off any repairs you do. Our home inspectors will give you an unbiased list of observed deficiencies and will answer all of your questions during an informative walk-thru at the end of the inspection.

Be Prepared for a Future Sale

You may not be planning to sell your home, but by doing regular Home Maintenance Inspections, you’ll know the condition of your home when the time comes and will have already taken care of any issues that arose in those inspections. Having inspections done over time will increase your home’s value, give you more control over the selling process and allow you to keep more of the sale price since you won’t be paying for costly requested repairs by the buyer due to not taking care of deficiencies over time.


We recommend having your home inspected annually or at least every 3-5 years. The Home Inspectors offers Home Maintenance Inspections for a comprehensive look at your home. Your Home Maintenance Inspection will provide you details of the current condition of your structural systems, electrical systems, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, plumbing systems, appliances and optional systems (i.e. pools/spas, sprinkler systems, septic systems). Like with all of our other inspections, we include a FREE Wood Destroying Insect Report (Termite Inspection).


Reports are presented and e-mailed on-site with color photos and easy to understand findings. Every home inspection customer receives a lifetime subscription to HomeBinder ($300+ value). Your personal account will have your inspection reports and photos, educational videos that cover how to turn off the main water, water heater and gas supplies and how to change your air filter, as well as additional resources and maintenance reminders already uploaded to your online binder.


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