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The Home Inspectors: Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’t

At The Home Inspectors, our commitment is to provide everything you need and nothing you don’t during your home inspection process. In this post, we’ll delve into our philosophy of not charging for unnecessary services, why ancillary services aren’t always necessary, and how our transparent pricing, coupled with a commitment to value beyond inspection, sets us apart.

Our Commitment to Value:

At The Home Inspectors, we understand the significance of a comprehensive home inspection. Buying or selling a home is a major decision, and we believe in providing our clients with essential information to make informed choices. That’s why we are committed to delivering value without burdening you with unnecessary costs and services.

Why We Don’t Charge for Unessential Services:

We regularly receive inquiries about the use of thermal imaging, ZIPLevels, and sewer scopes in our home inspection process. While some home inspectors utilize these tools as a sales pitch, claiming it enhances their services, we have chosen not to offer them. We firmly believe that these tools don’t bring additional value to the customer. Experienced home inspectors know that no tool can substitute for their senses, training, broad knowledge base, and firsthand experience.

Additionally, we have reservations about the use of tools like foundation elevations. Our concerns revolve around the absence of required certifications or training for the use of such equipment. Moreover, instead of providing peace of mind, they may create unrealistic expectations without offering substantial risk reduction for the client.

Why Ancillary Services Aren’t Always Necessary:

Take sewer scope inspections, for example. It’s our belief that it’s best to hire a licensed plumber for this task. Licensed plumbers possess specialized plumbing knowledge, skills, and experience. They not only properly scope the drainage system but can also assess needed repairs, determine the required scope of work, and provide pricing for any necessary fixes. In contrast, a home inspector can only offer an opinion on the sewer line’s condition and will likely recommend further evaluation by a licensed plumber.

Transparent Pricing Model:

Our commitment to transparency extends to our pricing structure. At The Home Inspectors, our pricing is simple and straightforward. It’s $390 total for homes up to 3,000 square feet and $0.13 per square foot for homes over 3,000 square feet. It doesn’t matter whether the home was built in the 1950s or was built last year. It doesn’t matter what the condition of the home is or how many issues are found during the inspection. The pricing is always based only on the square footage of the home, and there are never any additional fees.

Value Beyond Inspection:

Our commitment to delivering exceptional value goes beyond the simplicity of our pricing model. Included in our comprehensive package is a FREE Termite Inspection with every home inspection, providing you with a Wood Destroying Insect Report that reveals the visible presence or absence of active or previous infestations. Furthermore, our commitment to professional service ensures a “Service First” mentality, where your inspector will address all your questions during an informative walk-through. Our reports are presented and emailed on-site with color photos and easy-to-understand findings. Beyond the inspection day, our service extends even after the sale, providing ongoing assistance for any questions you may have. As an added bonus, every home inspection customer receives a lifetime subscription to HomeBinder—a $300+ value. Your account includes inspection reports, photos, educational videos, and maintenance reminders. Additionally, we provide access to a curated list of utilities, security systems, locksmith services, and moving services, all of which come with special offers exclusively for our inspection customers.

At The Home Inspectors, our dedication to transparency, a client-centric approach, and a focus on value over profit set us apart in the industry. We believe in providing you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your home, without adding unnecessary costs. We pride ourselves on giving you the best service at the best price. Everything you need, nothing you don’t.

Whether you’re looking to buy a home, getting ready for a sale or building a home, The Home Inspectors is here for you every step of the way. We want to help you make confident, informed decisions about your home. Download a few of our FREE resources, schedule your home inspection online or get in touch with one of our experts.

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