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Realtor Partner Spotlight | Fred Cuellar

This month, Fred Cuellar is in the Realtor Partner Spotlight. Fred is a Realtor with Rigel Realty in San Antonio, Texas.

Understanding What Your Inspection Report Includes

If one of our licensed inspectors performs an inspection on your home, your report is presented and emailed on-site and you

Realtor Partner Spotlight | Rick Orr

This month, Rick Orr is in the Realtor Partner Spotlight. Rick is a serial tech startup entrepreneur and has been a

Thermal Imaging – Helpful or Hype?

We regularly receive inquiries as to whether we utilize thermal imaging as part of our inspection process. Early on, we thoroughly

Realtor Partner Spotlight | Rhianon Cote

This month we had the opportunity to chat with Rhianon Cote, an established Realtor in the Austin, Texas area and valued Realtor

Tips to Prevent Inspection Delays

Once the Purchase Contract is executed, the clock on the Option Period starts ticking. Utilizing this limited time frame to perform

Realtor Partner Spotlight | Kristen Childers

This month we had the opportunity to chat with Kristen Childers, an established Realtor in the Austin, Texas area and valued Realtor

Added Value for Our Realtor Partners

We understand your clients are your biggest asset, and we make sure they are cared for, informed and educated throughout their

Realtor Partner Spotlight | Charlie Aghadiuno

This month, Charlie Aghadiuno is in the Realtor Partner Spotlight. Charlie is a notable Realtor representing the Greater Austin Area. He

Inspector Insights: What Most Homeowners Miss

This month The Home Inspectors was featured in Redfin‘s article, Inspector Insights: What Most Homeowners Miss by Mike Cahill. The article

Realtor Partner Spotlight | Lesli Cordero

This month we had the opportunity to chat with Lesli Cordero, an established Realtor with Ebby Halliday and valued Realtor partner

How to Choose a Home Inspector

If you are buying a home, a high quality home inspection can help you identify potential risks and make an informed

Realtor Partner Spotlight | Eunice Pettaway

This month, we had the opportunity to chat with Eunice Pettaway, an established Realtor with Tanika Donnell Realty and valued realtor

Realtor Partner Spotlight | Sharon Archer

This month, we had the opportunity to chat with Sharon Archer, an established Realtor with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate

10 Things Home Inspectors Want You to Know

A home inspection can seem daunting, especially for first-time buyers and sellers who don’t have much experience with the process. But,

Realtor Partner Spotlight | Krystal Miles

This month, we had the opportunity to chat with Krystal Miles. Krystal has been a valued partner of The Home Inspectors

Winter Home Maintenance Tips

With fluctuating storms and dramatic shifts in weather, winters in Texas can be a notoriously unpredictable time of the year for

Realtor Partner Spotlight | Sandra McKimmey

  This month, we had the opportunity to chat with Sandra McKimmey. Sandra is an established Realtor in the Dallas, Collin,

Realtor Partner Spotlight | Navjot Singh

This month, Navjot Singh is in the Realtor Partner Spotlight. Navjot is a notable Realtor at JP and Associates representing the

Realtor Partner Spotlight | Marti Tona

This month, we had the opportunity to chat with Marti Tona, an established Real Estate Advisor with Better Homes and Gardens

5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A New Construction Home

To many, the idea of a new construction home is spellbinding. New construction homes offer endless opportunities for customization and the

Important Tips Homeowners Should Know

There’s nothing more rewarding than owning your own home. With home ownership comes the responsibility of upkeep and unless you are

Common Defects Home Inspectors Find

As new home buyers, there is so much information and terminology being thrown your way. Purchasing a home can be stressful

Home Inspection Deal Breakers

On occasion, we see information provided by some of our competitors or other industry related sources that list all the items

What Disclosures are Required When Selling a Home in Texas?

Selling your home can be an intimidating process to start. There are many steps in the process of selling your property

5 Ways to Impress Your Clients as a Realtor

Want to set yourself apart from the competition and have clients that rave about you? Here are five quick tips on

3 Reasons The Home Inspectors is Unique to Competitors

When you’re investing in one of your most valuable assets, you need a team with experience and expertise in your corner!

What Every Realtor Needs to Know in 2020

2020 is here and the competitive landscape for real estate agents is at a high. In an environment filled with so

What You Don’t Want to Hear in a Home Inspection

If you receive a bad inspection report on a home you’re buying or selling, don’t panic. There’s no such thing as

Warning Signs in Your Home’s Foundation

One important piece of knowing the current condition of your home, for Buyers and Sellers alike, is the home’s foundation. The

Tips Every Realtor Should Know When Closing On a Home

Closing on a home is the culmination of all your hard work as a realtor, and an exciting/potentially stressful, time for

5 Expert Tips When Packing for Your Big Move

Packing up all you own for the big move can sometimes feel overwhelming. So, where do you start? We’ve compiled our

Realtors Rave About The Home Inspectors!

It’s easy to tell you about what we promise as a leading Home Inspection company in the industry, but we think

Realtor Partner | Denni Scates

We spoke with Denni Scates, an established Realtor with RE/MAX DFW Associates, about why she continues to choose The Home Inspectors as

What to Look For When Buying a Home

Looking to purchase a new home is an exciting time and a large investment. Take time to think through the various

What a FREE Termite Inspection Means for You

Termites are a tiny presence with a large impact! Included with all of The Home Inspectors’ inspections is a FREE Wood

Realtor Partner | Marcie Burns

At The Home Inspectors we value relationships. Our strategic partnerships with realtors around Texas have continued to grow as more realtors

3 Things You Need to Know About Inspecting Your Newly Built Home

Many people assume that just because a house is new that it does not need to be inspected, however, this is

3 Secrets to Success for Realtors

Before diving into what makes a realtor successful we need to understand the current real estate market. The demand for homes

Top 5 Home Buyer Inspection Tips

Purchasing a home requires a significant financial investment and may seem like an endless series of critical, important decisions. Inspecting the

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