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Real Estate Agents’ #1 Choice as a Strategic Partner!

Your relationship with your clients is based on trust in your expertise and reliance on your service partners! You need a home inspection company that offers unmatched value at exceptional prices, timely scheduling, quality inspections, comprehensive reports presented on-site in a non-alarming manner coupled with prompt follow-up and continuing “service after the sale”.

We Offer

  • FREE Termite Inspections
  • Inspection of Pier & Beam Foundations, Pools/Spas, Sprinkler Systems, Septic Systems, Private Water Wells – at No Additional Charge
  • 24/7 online inspection scheduling
  • Appointments offered Monday-Saturday
  • We handle all the scheduling through CSS or the Listing Agent and have full-access SupraKeys
  • Confirmation emails sent prior to the inspection and follow-up emails sent the day after the inspection
  • Full Color Reports printed and emailed on site eliminating delays in preparing Repair Amendment
  • Findings and recommendations conveyed in a clear, straightforward and non-alarming manner
  • Custom binder that includes photos and all the reports. Included with the binder is a free account.
  • Educational videos site-specific to each home

“...David did a great job in going through every issue at the property yesterday. My clients are first time home buyers, nervous and have a million questions. David spent the time with them to answer them all.”


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We understand serving your clients is your number one priority and we’re here to help! Download our FREE realtor resources today to pass along to your clients. Stay in the forefront of your client’s mind as you keep them informed and educated on their buying and selling decisions.
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Realtor’s Checklist to Staying In Front of Your Clients

With the real estate market at a high, there’s a growing need for effective Realtors. RealtorMag states, “36% of homeowners say they find it beneficial to receive communication from a real estate professional, even if they aren’t in the market to buy or sell…” So how do you communicate and stay in front of clients in a diverse and fast-paced housing market?

Download our Realtor’s Checklist for multiple tools and strategies to maintain valuable client relationships!
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