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Your relationship with your clients is based on trust in your expertise and reliance on your service partners.

In order to attain that level of excellence, you need a home inspection company that:

  • Provides value by offering additional services such as FREE Termite Inspections as well as the inspection of Pier & Beam Foundations, Pools/Spas, Sprinkler Systems, Septic Systems and Private Water Wells – all at No Additional Charge.
  • Understands the time constraints of the Option Period and offers timely access to inspection scheduling via phone, e-mail or 24/7 online scheduling.
  • Offers appointments Monday-Saturday in order to meet the needs of your clients.
  • Handles all of the scheduling through CSS or the Listing Agent and has full-access SupraKeys.
  • Utilizes a state of the art system to deliver e-mail confirmations to the client and agents involved in the transaction prior to the inspection, e-mail reports to you and the client immediately upon completion of the inspection, and deliver follow-up emails the day after the inspection.
  • Engages your client from the first moment on site and puts them at ease with the inspection process.
  • Prints & e-mails reports with embedded full-color photos right there on site eliminating delays in preparing your Repair Amendment.
  • Conveys findings and recommendations in a clear and straightforward manner using a non-alarming, low-key approach with an emphasis on health/safety/major expense items.
  • Provides your client with a professional binder that includes all of the reports, a flash drive with copies of each report as well as all of the photos taken during the inspection, Buyer Resources, a Moving Guide, and a Home Care Guide.
  • Provides short educational videos which are site-specific to each home and detail the location of and how to turn off the main water, water heater, and gas supplies as well as how & where to change the air filter.
  • Provides pdf files of User Manuals for Sprinkler Systems & Programmable Thermostats which are in the home.
  • Provides value-added resources such as Utility Concierge, appliance discounts through Sears Commercial, as well as discounts on Moving & Re-Keying services.
  • Continues their “service after the sale” by making themselves available to answer any questions which may arise in the future.

In summary, you need a home inspection company that offers unmatched value at exceptional prices, timely scheduling, quality inspections, comprehensive reports presented on-site in a non-alarming manner coupled with prompt follow-up and continuing “service after the sale”.

You need The Home Inspectors!



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