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Relationships with your clients are centered around trust, expertise, and reliance on your recommended service providers. When referring a service, you need a provider you can trust to meet your clients needs and look out for their best interest. We echo your commitment to excellence and strive to put your clients at ease during the inspection process!

At The Home Inspectors we value relationships. Our strategic partnerships with realtors around Texas have continued to grow as more realtors are learning about what The Home Inspectors can do for their clients.

For Your Clients

Tips to Prevent Inspection Delays

Once the Purchase Contract is executed, the clock on the Option Period starts ticking. Utilizing this limited time frame to perform

What a FREE Termite Inspection Means for You

Termites are a tiny presence with a large impact! Included with all of The Home Inspectors’ inspections is a FREE Wood

Inspector Insights: What Most Homeowners Miss

This month The Home Inspectors was featured in Redfin‘s article, Inspector Insights: What Most Homeowners Miss by Mike Cahill. The article

10 Things Home Inspectors Want You to Know

A home inspection can seem daunting, especially for first-time buyers and sellers who don’t have much experience with the process. But,

Warning Signs in Your Home’s Foundation

One important piece of knowing the current condition of your home, for Buyers and Sellers alike, is the home’s foundation. The

For Your Business

Added Value for Our Realtor Partners

We understand your clients are your biggest asset, and we make sure they are cared for, informed and educated throughout their

Thermal Imaging – Helpful or Hype?

We regularly receive inquiries as to whether we utilize thermal imaging as part of our inspection process. Early on, we thoroughly

Realtors Rave About The Home Inspectors!

It’s easy to tell you about what we promise as a leading Home Inspection company in the industry, but we think

Tips Every Realtor Should Know When Closing On a Home

Closing on a home is the culmination of all your hard work as a realtor, and an exciting/potentially stressful, time for
Decoding the Inspection Report
Understanding Your Home Inspection
Buyer’s Guide to Repair Amendments
Home Care Guide
Buyer’s Guide to Home Inspections
Why Realtors Partner With The Home Inspectors
The Ultimate Moving Guide
Realtor’s Checklist to Staying In Front of Your Clients
Selling Your Home: Checklist

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