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Realtor Partner Spotlight | Tanesha McClenon

This month Tanesha McClenon is in the Realtor Partner Spotlight. Tanesha is an accomplished Realtor in DFW and has been a valued Realtor partner of The Home Inspectors for six years. Tanesha has been a a REALTOR® for 17 years and serves primarily the Dallas, Collin, Denton, Tarrant and Kaufman counties. She worked in corporate America selling foreclosed homes for several years before she started with Keller Williams Dallas Preston Road where she has been for the last 6 years. In our latest Realtor Partner Spotlight, Tanesha shared why she went into real estate, advice for home buyers and sellers, and why she chooses to partner with The Home Inspectors.

Why did you choose to work in Real Estate?

I love to help others, and there is nothing quite as fulfilling as being able to help people find their dream home or sell their property at a great price. It started in Los Angeles, CA with my younger self really finding interest in homes. The design, décor and uniqueness of each home. When I moved to Texas I decided to study real estate and in 2005 I did just that! My desire to help others is only amplified by my love of the field.

What is your favorite thing about being a Realtor?

One of my favorite things about being a REALTOR® is negotiating and building strong relationships with my new friends. We have such a good time together that it is always a bitter-sweet moment when they finalize the purchase or sale of their home.

What are your hobbies or interests outside of Real Estate?

Outside of Real Estate, I absolutely love spending time with my family and fishing.

What is one piece of advice you have for new Realtors entering the industry?

One piece of advice I have for a new REALTOR® entering the industry is to work alongside a seasoned REALTOR®, someone you can shadow. There are so many details involved in this field and a lot of them are discovered during a transaction. Having someone you can talk to outside of your broker or office supervisor will help tremendously.

What is one piece of advice you have for anybody looking to buy or sell a home?

My top piece of advice for anyone looking to buy or sell a home is to work with a qualified and experienced REALTOR®. They can provide valuable guidance, negotiate on your behalf, and connect you with other professionals to ensure a smooth transaction.

Why did you choose to partner with The Home Inspectors?

I chose to partner with The Home Inspectors because they offer a great service for an affordable price. Not only are the inspectors experienced, they are friendly and more than willing to help my clients understand their inspection. The reports are given the same day and the format is well designed for a user friendly experience.

What’s your favorite thing about our partnership?

My favorite thing about our partnership is how well we work together to provide a great service for our clients during one of the most stressful parts of buying or selling a home. Discovering the unknown of a home with someone that can explain the findings with confidence and understanding helps our clients move back into the exciting phase of buying and selling a home.

What would you tell other Realtors looking to partner with The Home Inspectors?

To any REALTOR® that has not had the pleasure of partnering with The Home Inspectors, you are missing out on a high quality experience to give to your clients.


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