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Realtor Partner Spotlight | David Vargas

This month David Vargas is in the Realtor Partner Spotlight. David is a team lead with Rae Champion Realty Group and a valued Realtor partner of The Home Inspectors. David Vargas is based out of Dallas, Texas but will help his clients buy and sell anywhere in Texas! In our latest Realtor Partner Spotlight, David shared why he went into real estate, advice for home buyers and sellers, and why he chooses to partner with The Home Inspectors.

Why did you choose to work in Real Estate?

I decided to work in Real Estate while in college my freshman year. My best friend and I took the leap the following summer and saw success. I had always been interested in real estate but never thought about it before my friend motivated me and pushed me to actually go for it.

What is your favorite thing about being a Realtor?

My favorite thing has to be seeing my clients at the closing table, receiving the keys to their new home. Assisting people make one of their biggest purchases in their lives comes with a lot of responsibility and being able to get them the best deal on their dream home is the best.

What are your hobbies or interests outside of Real Estate?

After a long day of working, I love heading to the gym and working out with my friends. Physically being able to release stress from the day is a great feeling. A new hobby I started this year is for me and my girlfriend to read a new book and swap our books once we’re done.

What is one piece of advice you have for new Realtors entering the industry?

Be patient. If you are dedicated to your craft, you cannot fail. The biggest skill I’ve learned in real estate is to be patient with all aspects of your business, especially your clients. But also, ask questions to any agent. I have helped many new agents find their footing because I had found a very helpful agent when I started.

What is one piece of advice you have for anybody looking to buy or sell a home?

Do not take anything personal. As realtors, our information on home prices are based on statistics and little to no personal opinion. The home buying and selling process can be stressful, especially if it is your first time, but it isn’t ours. We are professionals that have your best interest.

Why did you choose to partner with The Home Inspectors?

I found The Home Inspectors on my first deal and was very happy with the home inspection they were able to provide my clients. I partnered with The Home Inspectors because they offer exceptional service at a reasonable price. All of my clients have been happy with The Home Inspectors service!

What’s your favorite thing about our partnership?

I can trust in The Home Inspectors to take care of my client’s home and I am able to talk to an actually person whenever I give them a call!

What would you tell other Realtors looking to partner with The Home Inspectors?

The Home Inspectors are exceptional at their service and your clients will love you for the deal you are able to provide them with!


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