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Realtor Partner | Marcie Burns

At The Home Inspectors we value relationships. Our strategic partnerships with realtors around Texas have continued to grow as more realtors are learning about what The Home Inspectors can do for their clients. We interviewed one of our DFW realtor partners, Marcie Burns, and got her candid thoughts on partnering with The Home Inspectors. Marcie is an established realtor with Keller Williams, and is located in the DFW area.


Interviewer: “Hey Marcie, why have you chosen to partner with The Home Inspectors?”

Marcie: “The Home Inspectors have a systematic approach to how they do business.  I always know what to expect when receiving an inspection report from them!  Their reports are easy to read and they highlight areas where buyers may be concerned.  I love that their reports are presented onsite for all buyers and within an hour of completing the inspection, a .PDF copy of the report is sent to the buyer and to me the agent for review.”

Interviewer: “What’s your favorite thing about this partnership?”

Marcie: “The inspectors are always happy to answer any questions my buyer has for them about any areas of interest they may have, during the inspection and after the inspection!”

Interviewer: “What response do you get from clients after using The Home Inspectors?”

Marcie: “My clients like that the Inspector explains their inspection to them while they are onsite! They are always able to ask questions on items they do not understand.”

Interviewer: “Has partnering with The Home Inspectors helped your business as a realtor?”

Marcie: “Yes! I feel comfortable in the way that they approach their line of business and they have freely answered any of my questions when I don’t understand an area of concern. The inspector’s findings assist me in negotiating repairs with a seller on behalf of my buyer as I am able to point out specific findings on the reports and there are pictures to show them as well.”

Interviewer: “What would you tell other realtors looking to partner with The Home Inspectors?”

Marcie: “Because the Home Inspectors run their business like a business, and are very systematic about their inspection process,  their pricing is fair and affordable! They also include WDI Termite inspections within their pricing.  Many lenders require buyers to get a WDI Inspection report as a condition of lending and this is just one less cost that the buyer has to pay for amongst many when buying a home.”

Interviewer: What three words would you use to describe The Home Inspectors and how they do business?”

Marcie: “Efficient, thorough and affordable!” 



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