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Realtor Partner | Denni Scates

We spoke with Denni Scates, an established Realtor with RE/MAX DFW Associates, about why she continues to choose The Home Inspectors as her number one referral for clients. With over 122 inspections booked since the company began, here’s what she had to say!


Interviewer: “Denni, what do you appreciate most about partnering with The Home Inspectors?”

Denni: “The Home Inspectors are efficient and thorough in every inspection. Not only that, but they continue to schedule out the inspectors within a reasonable time.”

Interviewer: “How do you feel like your clients respond after an inspection?”

Denni: “My clients are very pleased that they now know the true condition of their purchase and have an idea of what repairs they should prepare for. This helps as we negotiate the purchase.”

Interviewer: “As a Realtor, do you feel like partnering with The Home Inspectors has helped you succeed?”

Denni: “As a crucial vendor member of my team, The Home Inspectors have been very important in bringing value to me and to my clients. The inspectors steer clear from drama over something needing repair and keep my clients at ease.

My clients are very appreciative of a reasonable voice and idea of how a repair can be approached. When there is a catastrophic problem uncovered, the inspectors are clear, but not inflammatory, in helpings us to all understand what the problem is.”

Interviewer: “Why do you think other Realtors should partner with The Home Inspectors?”

Denni: “There are inflammatory inspectors and non-inflammatory inspectors.  I’ve had a listing where the buyer’s inspector stayed for 6 hours and came up with ridiculous stuff. The buyers were so upset they wanted to withdraw!

Upon closer examination, the ‘deal breakers’ did not even exist!  Be careful to choose thorough inspectors, like The Home Inspectors, who shoot straight and are trustworthy.”

Interviewer: “Do you have a particular memory in which The Home Inspectors provided exceptional service when you needed it most?”

Denni: “Our inspector recognized that a home had composite shingles overlaid on cedar shake shingles. The previous inspector had missed that completely — the homeowners had no idea that by current code the house was now uninsurable!!

Sellers had to put a new roof and new decking on (a wonderful bonus for the buyers!)”




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