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HomeBinder for Real Estate Agents


HomeBinder is an online platform designed to help a homeowner protect the value of their home through regular maintenance practices, management of professionals connected to the home, and creation of reports related to the home. All of our inspections come with a FREE lifetime subscription to HomeBinder.


If we performed a home inspection for one of your clients, they received a subscription to and you were added as the Agent of Record to their binder via The Home Inspectors.

As an Authorized Real Estate Agent, you will receive a HomeBinder profile to manage co-branding. You can log into your Realtor profile and see all the binders on which you are branded as the Agent of Record, add any Home Pros you wish to share with your client and update any of your contact information.


  • FREE Lifetime Subscription: Every home inspection comes with a subscription to HomeBinder ($300+ value). HomeBinder is purchased for your client by The Home Inspectors and there is never a charge for the binder for as long as the homeowner is in the home.
  • Personalized Information: Your client will get a personalized link via email from HomeBinder within 1 business day after their home inspection. Information, such as inspection reports, inspection photos & videos as well as additional resources and maintenance reminders, will already have been uploaded to their binder.
  • Maintenance Reminders: We’ve already set up 10 maintenance reminders for your client, but they have the ability to add additional reminders as well. This helps them stay on top of their home’s recurring maintenance needs like replacing air filters and servicing HVAC equipment.
  • Central Home Management: With HomeBinder, your clients can store contractor information, start a home inventory, upload important paperwork and receipts, and organize home projects (store photos, paint colors and costs).



  • No Cost: HomeBinder is purchased for your client by The Home Inspectors, your HomeBinder partner. Your Realtor profile on HomeBinder is free and we never sell client data or the agent’s data.
  • Cobranding: Marketing emails sent from HomeBinder for reminders about home maintenance and warranties are cobranded with your information to help you stay in front of your clients after the transaction.
  • Preferred Search: Keep your brand up to date on HomeBinder to ensure your name and contact info stays in front of your previous clients and potential new clients. If you get a new business logo, you can seamlessly update the branding across all your binders.
  • Seller Reports: You have the ability to brand and generate valuable seller reports for your clients to aid in the process of selling a home. HomeBinder’s seller reports communicate value beyond bedrooms, bathrooms and square footage to include what projects were done, who has worked on the home, appliance details, and more. View a sample of a HomeBinder Seller Report.



Q: What if my client does not close on the home or does not want the binder?
A: The Welcome Email provides a “No Thank You” option so the client can opt out of the binder. No information from the client is stored on the HomeBinder site.

Q: What type of email communication will my clients receive and can I see a sample?
A: In addition to the Welcome Email, The Home Inspectors sets up maintenance reminders and HomeBinder sends recall emails for appliances when applicable. You may log into your Agent Profile, go to Settings, then Branding to send yourself sample copies of the three types of emails that go to clients.

Q: What if I change from one brokerage to another? Do you charge me to change my profile?
A: You have access to your Agent profile any time and can make any changes necessary. There is never a charge to use your Agent profile.

Q: I like to provide a list of helpful professionals to assist clients in their new homes. Do you have a way I can provide that in the binder?
A: Yes. When you log into your HomeBinder Agent profile, you can click on the Home Pros tab and add the professionals you recommend. You can edit the list at any time as well.

Q: I would like to make sure all my clients receive HomeBinder. Can I become a providing partner?
A: HomeBinder has found that the Agent of Record is best represented as an addition to the binder. Our home inspection partners enjoy providing the added value to their clients and to the Realtor as a thank you for the referral. HomeBinder encourages Realtors to refer their clients to their favorite home inspector to make sure the binder is part of the real estate transaction.

Q: I received an invitation to log into my profile, but I am having trouble logging in. Can someone help me?
A: Yes. Please contact and one of HomeBinder’s Customer Support team members can help. HomeBinder is available for support Monday through Friday, 8 am to 8 pm EST.


“My clients love this platform, so glad that my branding is on all of the emails to stay top of their mind.”

“I read that only like 10% of clients remember agents’ names after 2 years, this helps!” -Susan

“I love that my inspector offers this, my clients even tell me how much they enjoy it. New fav inspector.”

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