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Selling one of your most valuable assets can feel like an overwhelming endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be! At The Home Inspectors we want you to have more control over the selling process and ultimately prepare you for what can potentially be a quicker, more profitable sale of your home!

With a Home Seller Inspection, you can prepare for conversations before they arise and stay on top of the sale as well as reduce liability and protect yourself from issues that may arise with the buyers.

If you are preparing to sell your home, it may be wise to order a pre-sale home inspection. The last minute discovery of problems by a prospective buyer’s inspector can lead to delays, added expenses and can even derail a deal altogether. Your best solution as a home seller is to have a thorough inspection done prior to putting the house on the market.

What our Home Seller Inspection is designed to do for you:

  • Give YOU more control over the selling process
  • Facilitate a faster sale for more money
  • Eliminate last minute contract cancellations or 11th hour re-negotiations
  • Protect you from over-inflated buyer procured estimates
  • Reduce your liability with full disclosure
  • Make your home more marketable and attractive to buyers
  • Identify repair issues allowing resolution of those items before placing your home for sale
  • Eliminate issues that a “buyers” independent inspection would have ultimately revealed

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Pricing Without the Fluff

We believe that pricing should be simple and straightforward. Our pricing structure is made simple for you and focuses on the square footage of the home. There are no additional fees, no gimmicks, no coupons required.

We do it right, simple.

Homes up to
2,700 sq ft

Great Price
Professional Service
Free Termite Inspection
$ 295 Total

Homes over
2,700 sq ft

Great Price
Professional Service
Free Termite Inspection
11 ¢ Per Sq Ft

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