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Home Seller Tips to Prepare for an Inspection

30 September, 2016
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/ By The Home Inspectors

home sellerThe first step in preparing your home for an inspection is to create a “To Do” list. This would be the ideal time to get a Home Seller Inspection in order to have a professional evaluation of the home’s current condition. Having the property inspected by a licensed inspector prior to putting it on the market will provide a list of specific deficiencies which can be addressed prior to placing the home on the market.

Correcting any potential deficiencies prior to a perspective buyer having an inspection performed will greatly reduce the number of findings and give the buyer greater confidence in purchasing the home as well as lessen the amount of negotiating that could potentially take place over repairs.

Should you decide to forego a professional inspection and create your own “To Do” list, it will be helpful to have a checklist to guide you through the process. The following checklist will aid you in preparing your home for an inspection by a prospective buyer. Many of the items tend to be regular maintenance items that can be accomplished with little to no expense. Click here to view the checklist.

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