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Home Inspection Deal Breakers

On occasion, we see information provided by some of our competitors or other industry related sources that list all the items that might be considered “deal breakers” due to findings from the home inspection. So, let’s address the question:

“What deficiencies could or should be considered deal breakers when buying a home?”

The short answer should be “None of them.”

When reviewing the findings of an inspection report, none of the deficient items should be considered “deal breakers.”

A good Inspector knows that it is not possible to ascertain the level of tolerance that any one client may have towards any one deficiency or the cost, time, and inconvenience associated with it. It is our duty to provide clarification of our findings and answer any questions that may arise in order for the client to make an informed decision. The completion of the inspection and the review of its findings are just the beginning to the next step in the negotiating process.

Once the Inspection Report is in hand and the findings have been reviewed, the first thing to do is “Relax”. The inspection report will probably show the house in a different light than before as this is likely the first “analytical” look at the home. Being prepared for this slight change in perspective will make the process much easier.

It’s important to remember, any of the deficiencies in the report can be corrected. Are they minimal cosmetic updates or will they take more time and money to repair? Determining the answer may require getting quotes from qualified specialists in those trades. The greatest asset at this point is the Realtor. They will have the contacts, knowledge and expertise to help guide this process and help determine what, if any, repairs or price concessions are negotiated with the seller.

Before you allow information that may seem alarming scare you aware from your dream home; relax, review the findings, gather your thoughts, ask questions, get clarifications and make informed decisions.

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