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Top 5 Home Buyer Inspection Tips

Purchasing a home requires a significant financial investment and may seem like an endless series of critical, important decisions. Inspecting the physical condition of the home’s systems and components is an important part of this process and will aid you in making an informed decision while minimizing risk.

If you’re a home buyer, these five things can help put your mind at ease during the home inspection process:

1. Attend the inspection

The best way to get the most out of your inspection is to be there and be an active participant. At minimum, we recommend showing up for the last thirty minutes in order to go over the findings with the inspector. This is an excellent opportunity for you to engage in a hands-on discussion about the current condition of the home.

2. Relax

Inspection day will probably make you see the house differently than before as this is likely your first “analytical” look at the home. Being prepared for this slight change in perspective will make the process much easier. And remember, any deficiencies identified in the report do not obligate any party to make repairs, but with the assistance of your realtor, you can make an informed decision as to whether or not to negotiate with the seller for any repairs or a price reduction.

3. Take notes and ask questions

Prepare a list of any questions or specific areas of concern that you may have about theproperty. We will be happy to address any questions that you may have during the walk-thru.


4. Read your reports

We will provide you with three different reports. The summary report details any health, safety or major expense issues found during the inspection. The inspection report provides a detailed “snapshot” of the condition of the physical structure, systems, and appliances of the home on the day of the inspection. The WDI reports the visible presence or absence of active or previous infestation of wood destroying insects, as well as conditions conducive for infestation in the dwelling.

5. Follow-up on recommendations in the reports

When a deficiency is reported, it is your responsibility and in your best interest to obtain further evaluations and/or cost estimates from qualified service professionals. Any such follow-up should take place prior to the expiration of any time limitations such as the option period. The decision to correct any deficiency identified in the inspection report is left to the parties to the contract for the sale or purchase of the home.

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