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Added Value for Our Realtor Partners

We understand your clients are your biggest asset, and we make sure they are cared for, informed and educated throughout their inspection and after the sale. Our relationships with our realtors go far beyond just getting the job done.

We have added even more value for our Realtor partners, such as:

Realtor Marketing

10+ client interactions per year with your name & contact info

  • We send 10 maintenance reminders each year through HomeBinder which are co-branded with the Realtor’s information.
  • We send out emails 11-months after the inspection reminding the buyer client that the home warranty that was likely provided to them will be expiring. These emails are co-branded with the Realtor’s information.
  • For new construction buyers, we send an email after 11-months reminding them that their builder warranty will be expiring and suggest a builder warranty inspection in order to have a punch list to present to the builder. These emails are co-branded with the Realtor’s information.

Realtor Indemnification

If there is ever a claim about inspection findings, our insurer assumes liability for the referring party – YOU!

  • Our home inspection policy includes referring party indemnification. This means if there should be a claim about inspection findings, the insurance company assumes liability for not just the home inspector but also the referring party.
  • Our insurer offers third party indemnification and our insurance policy defines referring real estate agents, real estate brokers, mortgage lenders, and relocation companies as limited additional insureds. As such, our Realtor partners can receive insurance coverage from claims arising from our inspection services.


An online home management tool that includes a Realtor portal

  • Our inspections come with a FREE lifetime subscription to HomeBinder ($360 value).
  • Your client’s personal account will include the reports, inspection photos, educational videos, as well as additional resources and maintenance reminders already uploaded.
  • Homeowners appreciate HomeBinder because it helps them maintain their home easier and in a timely fashion, through helpful maintenance reminders and one central location for all their home documents.




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