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5 Ways to Impress Your Clients as a Realtor

Want to set yourself apart from the competition and have clients that rave about you? Here are five quick tips on how to leave a lasting impression on your client’s experience with you as their Realtor:

Communicate Proactively

Tailor your contact with your client according to what stage of the process they are in. Pay close attention to the hot buttons on your buyers’ wish list and know how well each property you will be showing meets those requirements. And as you’re showing the homes, listen carefully to how they react to those items. Often, you will discover that things they told you were important aren’t getting much consideration, while other items that weren’t mentioned are a point of focus. Discuss these items with them, to develop better clarity both for yourself and them. If your client is in the later stages of buying or selling a home, your contact with them needs to be more frequent and attentive. Provide regular updates to your clients on how things are going and try to do so before they ever call you. Proactively communicating with your clients during the process builds a sense of trust and makes your clients feel valued.

Provide Resources and Community Information

Provide resources such as moving guides, packing tips, and checklists for selling or buying a home. The Home Inspectors provides realtors resources for you to give your clients as well as for your business. Once your client has closed on a home, collect information regarding that area – Shopping centers, post office, popular restaurants, hospitals nearby, dog parks and schools. Your client might have not even researched these things prior to closing on home and it would be great information to have as they settle in their new home!

Recommend Service Providers You Trust

Build a team of service partners (Lending, Title, Home Inspection, Home Warranty) that provide a level of service that matches your commitment to your clients. Additionally, maintain a list of quality, local providers such as handymen, construction contractors, moving companies, etc. This helps your brand, gives value to your clients and provides the foundation for successful relationships all around. Having this trusted network of professionals for your clients will put them at ease. At The Home Inspectors, our business model was designed to provide this level of service while delivering unmatched value.

Express your gratitude

There are plenty of creative ways to thank people for their business, and it doesn’t have to be a complicated thing to make a big impact. The key is to put in the effort and do it. The simplest way is to send a little gift which might be as simple as a welcome basket of household essentials that your clients will need after moving in. The basket can include items such as laundry care, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags and disposable tableware. Having these items on-hand will make the moving process easier and your clients won’t have to run to the store to get these essentials. The key to all these tactics is to be supportive in the truest sense of the word. If you have your customers’ backs and you continually wow them, you can look forward to more business and more referrals.

Follow-Up, Follow-Up, Follow-Up

Thirty-six percent of homeowners say they find it beneficial to receive communication from their real estate agent, even if they aren’t in the market to buy or sell. They say they are particularly interested in receiving information such as listings and open houses in their neighborhoods. Forty percent say they would like to receive home maintenance tips and information on neighborhood events. But only 19 percent of homeowners say they receive such communication from their Realtor. Also, try to find important life events to trigger a tangible gift, like the birth of a child or a big award at work. Make it relevant to why it’s being sent at that time. But the timing matters most. Staying in touch is possibly the most underrated and underused tactic even though it’s as easy as sending a personal, handwritten note.

All of these are great options for impressing your clients, whether you are initially meeting them and trying to figure out their needs or are closing on a home and thinking of what they would appreciate most as they move into their home and beyond. Clients will appreciate the extra effort you have provided and will be more likely to refer you to others or use you again!

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