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3 Secrets to Success for Realtors

Before diving into what makes a realtor successful we need to understand the current real estate market. The demand for homes remains high, while the amount of homes available has continually decreased by an average of 11% year after year. This is good news for realtors, who have had success selling homes and negotiating purchases quicker than ever!

These 3 secrets to success will help you as you connect with clients, negotiate the sale, and grow as a realtor!


1. Invest  

While it’s easy for the mind to go straight to finances when thinking of “investment”, monetary investment isn’t always the most important for realtors. Investing in your community, past clients, and inner circle will help establish long term relationships that can go far beyond an initial sale/meeting. Holding onto relationships allow realtors the opportunity to re-engage with past clients while gaining their trust and ultimately their referral. Here are a few ways realtors can engage with the community and valued clients:

  • Write handwritten notes. This personal touch sets you apart from your competition and keeps you at the forefront of their mind
  • Have an inner circle of recommendations. Having a handful of experts you trust on your team throughout the home buying/selling process will reduce lag-time and speed up the process.
  • Volunteer in and/or sponsor local events within your community

2. Be the Expert

Establishing yourself as the expert in the real estate industry provides you an opportunity to establish credibility with others. Providing your clients valuable information will set you apart and give you more opportunities as a realtor to stay at the forefront of their mind. This information should not only be about the buying/selling process, but can include home maintenance tips, home inspection guides, and many more resources throughout the year.




3. Know Your Team

Having an inner circle of creditable recommendations to pass onto clients will help keep the buying/selling process going smoothly. Due to time constraints, it is often vital to have a network of experts in order to efficiently close on a sale. Having a trusted Home Inspector available who offers a quick turn around and trusted service, will eliminate time spent waiting on the buyer or searching for a nearby company. Know who you trust will get the job done and add them to your team! If you’re unsure of where to start, our expert Home Inspectors are happy to answer any questions. Talk to one of our experts today!


Don’t forget these 3 Secrets to Success for Realtors as you begin growing your presence in the industry, and make sure to download Realtor’s Checklist To Staying In Front of Clients to help you navigate client relationships and increase closes!


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